GEM offers two types of coaching, personal coaching to the pastor, and ministry coaching to the church.

Personal coaching: Counseling can help to deal with root problems and get the pastor back on the road to healthy life and ministry. But many pastors can profit from on going coaching.

GEM offers pastoral coaching through one to one sharing and a pastor’s small group we call “The Shepherd’s Fold.” Each Shepherd’s Fold meets regularly for study, worship and prayer. They provide a safe place to grow and get spiritually and emotionally recharged.

Coaching churches. GEM also offers a unique approach to coaching churches. Hiring a church consultant can be very pricey and there are many forces that work against implementing the consultants plan. At GEM we come along side a church for and extended period of time, working with the existing leadership in three areas to revitalize the church.

First we seek to revitalize the people of the church as they are more fully gripped with God’s grace in their lives.
Secondly identify, repent and replace sinful cooperate patterns and practices.
Finally, we seek to revitalize church structure for effective ministry.

There is no fee to be a part of a Shepherd’s’ Fold. Coaching is offered on a love offering bases. We want any pastor who needs counseling and coaching to find help and hope though the love and grace of the Lord Jesus.