GEM has developed small group studies that reinforce the grace approach to life and
ministry and will assist pastors in developing intentional grace focused disciples.

Getting to Know Jesus—A simple five week seeker study. Each lesson is on a two page spread, is free of “Christianese” and designed to lead seekers to faith in Jesus.

Vibrant Christian Living—An immediate follow study that establishes the new believer
in grace centered living and equips them to share the gospel with those in their social
network in an effective, natural and inoffensive way.

Christ Centered Living—
A comprehensive small group manual that leads the believer to discover their new identity in Jesus, and shows them how their new identity is the foundation for spiritual maturity, emotional stability, and relational harmony.

Christ Centered Evangelism—A six week study that equips believers to be effective and natural witnesses for Jesus.

GEM provides all booklets and study materials for purchase on
Amazon or at GEM conferences.

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